The Kennedys Miniseries - The Epic 8-Part Movie Event - Starring Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, Barry Pepper and Tom Wilkinson - Official Homepage


MONTREAL: The Kennedys, an 8-hour historical drama about America’s most legendary political family, is being licensed by more than 50 territories around the world for broadcast this year, making The Kennedys one of the most highly anticipated television events of 2011.

“World-wide reaction to The Kennedys has been phenomenal,” says Michael Prupas, president of Muse Distribution International, the miniseries’ distributor. “It’s striking an immediate emotional chord with programmers. We’re being told to ship as fast as we can. And the last episode just finished postproduction. We have discussions scheduled with more territories at MIPTV next month.”

“We tell the story of the Kennedys in a way that has never been done,” says Joel Surnow, an executive producer of The Kennedys. “We show who they were as people and why this family is America’s most famous and enduring. When you look at the checklist of all the themes you look for when you start a drama, this one has a 10/10 checklist: ambition, jealousy, betrayal, tragedy… the list goes on and you’ll find it in the Kennedy family. It’s Shakespearean, it’s a Greek tragedy.”

The Kennedys has an all-star lineup: Greg Kinnear plays John F Kennedy, Barry Pepper is Robert F. Kennedy, Katie Holmes is Jackie, and Tom Wilkinson is the dynasty’s patriarch, Joseph Kennedy Sr.

Reelz Network in the US will begin broadcast on April 3; Canada’s History Television on April 10; Quebec’s Super Ėcran on April 3; UK’s History™ channel on April 7 and Sweden’s SVT on April 9.  BBC 2, France Television 3, Switzerland’s TSR and Belgium’s RTBF are planning a spring or summer broadcast. Italy’s La Sette, Spain’s Telecinco, Norway’s NRK, New Zealand’s Sky TV, Belgium’s VRT, Israel’s IBA, Finland’s YLE and Australia’s ABC also acquired The Kennedys. The miniseries will also be broadcast throughout Latin America and the Caribbean on AETN History™ networks. Several other European, Asian and Middle Eastern nations will also air The Kennedys.

In the series, the intimate story of the Kennedy family plays out against the backdrop of the great political events of the era; the Berlin Wall, the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis, which nearly triggered World War III. Through flashbacks to the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s, the series explores the epic achievements, regrets, loyalties, loves, betrayals, triumphs and tragedies surrounding John, Robert and Joe Sr., and the women who unconditionally support them. The series delves into the events that shaped the family, including the tragic death of Joe Jr., John’s first run for Congress, Robert’s loyalty to John’s political career and John’s marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier, ending with John’s and Robert’s tragic assassinations.

The Kennedys is a production of Muse Entertainment in association with Asylum Entertainment.